The Observatory Neighbourhood watch was started in 2007 in response to rising crime in Observatory. Two community leaders, David Raphael and Brian Gray, were instrumental in setting up the radio network and drafting the the founding  docs of the neighbour hood watch.

The purpose of the Observatory Neighbourhood Watch is to encourage residents, visitors and business in  Observatory to vigilant of their surroundings.

We encourage the community know their neighbours and look out for each other. We ask that all incidents get reported  so that pro active response can be taken to trends. We also also foster relationships with the Woodstock SAPS, Obsid, Security companies.

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Observatory Neighbourhood Watch

1 day 14 hours ago

Please notify 10111 or 073 062-5076 if seen stolen from Scott Road near Main Road during Sat/Sunday night.

Observatory Neighbourhood Watch

1 day 17 hours ago

WATCH YOUR BACK - This has been going on globally for years. Another tip for less used ATM's to cancel transaction before putting in your PIN making sure your card it not swallowed where after you complete your transaction.

Warning – Inspect your ATM before withdrawing money

Observatory Neighbourhood Watch

3 days 16 hours ago

Residents were on hold for 30 minutes calling CoCT. Use the alternative C3 methods especially on line. Download and find / reach all the Obs specific emergency numbers at a swipe & touch.

Observatory Neighbourhood Watch

6 days 3 hours ago

LAIZAH WAS FOUND by Cape Town police in town late last night.Thank you all.

This is not only in Obs! Searching for solutions came across worldwide complaints, in Sweden a resident used super glue. Mark your wiper blades, hubcaps etc with your address at least they may get returned if still stolen.

Got stolen from Bowden Road please share to care and keep your eyes open in case you spot a similar scooter.

Sadly this is the last public map and discontinued from June 2019. It will only show historical incidents reported, to Obsid 021 447-1066 or ONW before that date. Thanks all residents who viewed this maps 41.000 times and reported crime to help us to keep you in the loop.

Obs Public Crime Map - Google My Maps

Please help to get this Polo back to his owner your 👍 likes and sharing will show your caring and get the message around. Thanks.

BATTERY THEFT The below is not in Obs apparently some batteries were stolen in Red & Blue Sectors reported to Saps (See below) but not reported to OBSID 021 447-1066


Our records indicates that there are criminals that specializes in Theft of motor vehicle batteries within the precinct. Please follow the necessary precautionary measures to limit the opportunity of becoming a victim:
☆ Please ensure that your vehicle are locked and alarm is activated
☆Engrave your initials or a distinctive mark on your car battery for police to easy identify when suspects are arrested in possession of car batteries.
☆Report all suspicious looking people directly to the police
☆Park your vehicle in well lit areas
☆Vehicles parked behind locked gates is less likely to be targeted
☆When activating your immobilizer to lock the vehicle, do a physical check to ensure vehicle doors are locked as criminals operates with remote jamming devices to gain entry into your parked vehicles.
☆Report faulty street lights to the City of Cape Town immediately.
☆Regular pruning of branches will create a deterrence for opportunistic criminals.

Any suspicious activities can be reported to the Woodstock Police Station on 021-4423117 or 0824692522( Shift Commander on Duty)
OBSID-ONW also recommends to mark wiper blades with street # house numbers with permanent koki pans as these are one of the most under reported petty crimes.

And just like that your car battery is gone..