Fill in the below Observatory Neighbourhood Watch Membership Form and Community Police Forum questions to join the Neighbourhood Watch.
Please note that your employer details and gun ownership are specifically CPF requirements.
Please view the available roles below and let us know at what level you would like to join.
Roles available for members:

  • Committee members.
  • Area managers are responsible for reporting to the Neighbourhood Watch committee about their zone and management of their zones.
  • Street co-ordinators are responsible for reporting to the managing members, helping to manage ordinary members in their street, and escalation of civil issues to area managers.
  • Ordinary members are the main eyes and ears of the watch, reporting all suspicious behaviour in their street to authorities and patrolling the neighbourhood. Voluntary patrols (no more than four hours a month). Observing and reporting (ordinary members are the eyes and ears of the police and Neighbourhood Watch). Communicating to central control (via radio network once established, sms and reporting on the website). Participate in voluntary initiatives such as neighbourhood clean-ups (graffiti etc). Attend patroller training sessions and security information sessions. Get to know your neighbours and spread the word!

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