March 26, 2015

ONW 2015 ”Kickoff” Success

A good turnout of 47 residents and business owners attended the ONW Special General Meeting  on 25 March 2015 and helped in a good old ‘Hartlyvale’ style ‘Kickoff’ of the ONW’s ball game of making a difference against crime in Observatory. Hearty thanks to all who attended.

The ONW 2015 membership drive amounted to 84 residents and business owners who joined the ONW so far. This is 16 members short of having had my pony tail and hair cut for the ONW Kickoff challenge and for a Cancer Shavethon fundraiser. Appreciation is expressed to Frank Schuitemaker who assisted me in the membership drive and to Kwikspar for the use of their premises.

Principal Inspector Jason Hamilton, of the Metro Law Enforcement Training unit in Observatory, conveyed in simple terms, how we as members of neighborhood watches can be trained  to assist the Metro in dealing with crime in our own areas – more about this will follow soon.

The ONW’s finances was bolstered with donations received from Premier Security, Green Elephant, Riverview Lodge and a resident which amounted to R9,675.00. Some of which was spent on acquiring 5 more two way radios,  6 batteries, 3 chargers, advertising costs, the remainder of R4,541.05 to be used to pay off a backlog of R10,125.00 on the ONW’s radio network frequency annual fees payable to ICASA, and will result in a bit more fundraising to be done, thus will be covering us into 2016. Appreciation is also expressed to OBSLIFE for the distribution of our ONW advertising flyers.

The election of ONW 2015 Committee office bearers was undertaken by Brian Amery, the CEO of OBSID, usually one of our Obs Councillors would officiate in the proceedings but both could unfortunately not attend.  The ONW is very pleased that a young vibrant Committee was elected to run the business of the ONW until the AGM to be held in October 2015.

The members elected were:

  • Chairperson – Chris Wiche
  • Deputy Chairperson – James Cowley
  • Secretary – Jenny Calder
  • Treasurer – Vivian Yang.

The ONW Sector Leaders were:

  • Red Sector – Craig Bartlett
  • Blue Sector – Thekla Salmon
  • Orange Sector – Jonah Sacks
  • Green Sector – Paul Avenant.

The Yellow and Pink Sectors were unfortunately left vacant.

Congratulations to those elected!